News Umweltzertifikat - Green dot Environmental certificate - Green dot
Because of our positive action we were certified by the society for waste avoidance Grüner punkt - dual system Germany GmbH.


News Happy People's freeway racetrack The ultimate driving pleasure!

The ultimate driving pleasure - on and outside the route
Happy People's new freeway racetrack (item 30023), with a total length of 10 meters and 5 loops, is a great driving pleasure. The infrared controlled cars have a length of 7 cm, a full driving and steering function and a run time of 30 minutes. Furthermore they are able to drive on the racetrack and next to the road.


News Europlay - Traktor Europlay

We present our new range of Radio Control and Light & Sound vehicles with our brand Europlay.
In addition to licensed vehicles from CLAAS, starting with the AXION 870 tractor, including the CARGOS 9600 trailer, and the LEXION 780 combine, there are also interesting novelties from the buggy to helicopters to the drone...


News Lounger to Go LOUNGER TO GO

With the LOUNGER TO GO® ®, we are introducing an air sofa, which has been developed in cooperation with Fatboy the Original B.V. The Dutch company is known for its „Lamzac® the Original“ air sofa and diverse Fatboy® brand-name products...


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